What Next? 

January 3, 2017

One of my favorite television shows was West Wing, with Martin Sheen playing the role of President Josiah Edward Bartlet, Ph.D. Creator and writer Aaron Sorkin masterfully wove together dynamic topics, exhilarating dialogue and crafted the ideal understanding of what effectiveness in government, justice and equality might look like. I watched from 1999-2007, and own various seasons on DVD. When President Bartlet concluded a task or finished a conversation and was ready to move on to the next challenge, he would ask, “What’s next?” One could almost feel the palpable energy and excitement for stepping forward into whatever next demanded his attention or required focus and direction.

As we begin 2017, we’ve already begun planning for “what’s next!” Opportunities to lead in transformative ministry and participate in ministries of establishing justice abound through Plymouth Church. Two significant activities are coming up with Congregational Meetings, January 8 to approve a budget for our mission and ministry in 2017, and January 29 for our Annual Meeting to share 2016 in review and ways in which our ministry areas engage us as a congregation and help transform lives daily. While we give attention to budgets that fund buildings and operating expenses, we also hear stories of how our time, energy, passion and generosity make the lives of people in our congregation, community and around the world more just, hopeful and compassion-filled. We will elect persons to serve on our behalf in leading us as a congregation, in partnership with ministers and staff, to be “the cathedral church of the Pacific Northwest” and to take steps in new directions and in new ministry areas, to more effectively share our unique message of life and hope as Plymouth Church UCC.

Please plan to take part in these two important gatherings as the Plymouth Church congregation. These actions set the stage and give energy for our “I’m In!” spirit to step forward and ask, “What’s next?”  I look forward to seeing you in your places of participation! —Yours in grace and hope, Rev. Steven Davis, Minister of Administration & Church Operations  

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