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January 24, 2017

Set your Life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. ~ Rumi

Whenever I think of fire, I recall many scenes of power and productivity, as well as blazes that cause devastation. Fire consumes, yet also purifies; destroys, yet also prepares; produces fear, yet can still cheer, soften, unite, warm and empower! A church on fire will be uncomfortable in the world. A church on fire also proclaims to the world that we survive, are alive and thrive because the fire inside us burns brighter than the fire around us! As we take God’s hand to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God, may we burn with “the foolishness of the gospel,” and hear Jesus call us blessed.

Please join us in worship this Sunday at 9 am and 11 am, as we rejoice together in who God calls us to be together through the gift of the earth and living of our faith! –Yours in grace and hope, Rev. Steven Davis. Minister of Administration & Church Operations

9 am Reflection

Deeply depressed after running from college, spending a night in jail and experiencing a life-saving Sunday afternoon visit by the family doctor, Don Mayer found himself spending frigid Wisconsin winter days hand-loading lumber at the Jesdahl sawmill at Deerbrook. Don often partnered with Joe Runk, who was usually the butt of jokes by the crew huddled around the warming shed wood stove during break times. Joe, in turn, found ways to take after the only guy who was more of an outsider than he was. After several distressing days, a simple observation occurred to Don which provides a guide to cope with difficult relationships to this day.

Hear more when Don Mayer speaks at the 9 am service, this Sunday in Hildebrand Hall.

AWE Begins this Sunday

Following 9 am worship this Sunday, January 29, all are invited to attend the first After Worship Exploration (AWE) in the Chapel. This time is designed to provide an additional faith formation opportunity to express and explore feelings, share thoughts and informally discuss our 9 am worship experience. When possible, the personal reflection speaker will also be a part of AWE. Don Mayer gives the reflection this Sunday and he will join us at 10 am. Join us! If you need assistance accessingthe Chapel, please contact Courtney Hashimoto. —Worship Planning Committee

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