And the People Could Fly 

February 8, 2017

“Our wings don’t appear until we have need of them. The memory of flight returns when we dare to rise above the current circumstances that seek to trap us in enslavement.” –Kelle Brown

For the month of February, Plymouth Church celebrates African American History Month. The theme for this month is: And the People Could Fly, inspired by the folktale written by Virginia Hamilton. The story introduces us to Sarah and Toby, enslaved persons who were sorely oppressed, working from dawn until dusk with no grace and no mercy. Toby remembered magic words from Africa that would cause even the most traumatized, despairing one to fly. In fact, the words more rightly spurred the memory of flight, for sometimes, the things we encounter allow us to forget our best selves. Sarah heard the words, and with a baby in her arms took flight, returning home with all the others who remembered.

I contend that it is a timely metaphor for those of us who seem tethered to uncertainty, fear and loss. These are not times that conjure memories of joyful, carefree days—at least not easily.  However, the prophetic promise of the tale is that our current circumstances can propel us to fly, if we dare to remember who we are.

Sunday, February 12, The Reverend David Billings will share at the Faith and Life Hour, and preach at the 11 am worship service. The following Sunday, The Reverend Darrell Goodwin-Moultry will do the same, journeying with us through the 10 and 11 am opportunities for faith formation and worship. All are welcome.

I say to you with great emphasis — and the people could fly. And the people could fly. And the people could fly. I pray we are all bold enough to believe that the essence of who we are is free to soar. We are invited to do so. Yes, you can fly, and our current reality is a mere reminder. – Kelle Brown 

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