Plymouth Labyrinth Walk, 10 am - 2 pm, Thursday, March 2, Hildebrand Hall 

February 27, 2017

How easy it is to look but not see. Parker Palmer writes, "We miss so much when in looking at another we find only the reflection of our own biases, needs and fears rather than truly seeing the being we’re with. It is easy to look at the world around us and find only banality, corruption and violence rather than also seeing the good that is there beneath the broken surface."

We walk a physical and a spiritual path. They converge to become a pilgrimage. Through personal and spiritual growth our values become clearer, we claim our gifts and we bring these strengths to our community. Acknowledging the transcendent power of life, we move beyond fear to greater freedom.

"Walking the labyrinth orders chaos in both our inner and outer worlds. It quiets the mind allowing us to see we have choices over how to direct our thoughts.  We can choose to reflect deeply; we can focus on prayer; and we can look at the uncertainty we feel about our personal circumstances or the challenge of the times we live in.   We can use the labyrinth as a blueprint for uncertain times."  -Lauren Artress

-Labyrinth Ministry Team 

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Important Notice

Plymouth Church is open to the public Thursday, February 14, beginning at 9 am.

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