Everyone Helping Everyone: a conversation with Asa Buehler and Nate Korahais 

April 4, 2017

Last Sunday morning these two thoughtful Confirmation gentlemen and I shared our stories about 9 am Lenten Prayer Around the Cross services.

Tell me about your experiences...

Asa says, “It’s quiet and peaceful; you can feel the energy and love shifting around the room.” Nate adds, “It’s 45 minutes to think about things you just can’t do during the normal pace of the day. It’s easy to take what’s going on during the week for granted. This gives me a time to review and think about my week in a deeper way.”

What do you do in the service?

“School can be overwhelming with lots of people,” Asa says, “...so I like having my own space at the single station. It’s a nice kind of isolation. You can feel people letting things out at these stations and there’s a sense of strong support in the room. There are also group stations (on the four corners) where a group of people can contribute their energy all together towards one person. It’s not just helping that person though; your morale improves too. It’s everyone helping everyone!”

What is it like to pray for another person in those corner seats?

Nate says, “People are really supportive no matter who sits in those chairs. It doesn’t matter if you have never seen them before or if you have known them for a long time.” A couple weeks ago they both prayed for a college student they knew and that morning for a kid about 10 years-old they had never met. Asa says, “You know adults go through hard times and grief, but to have a kid our age feel grief puts it in better perspective.”

Anything else you would like people to know?

Nate volunteers, “I’ve gone to four of them and lit candles almost every time. I really like it. I could do this for two weeks every quarter.” Asa adds, “I’ve lit candles almost every time too. It’s like the labyrinth, a peaceful ritual.”

If you have yet to pray around the cross, come this sixth and final Sunday in Lent. Asa, Nate and I will be there. Join us while we sing together, light candles, pray alone, pray for one another and simply rest in God’s presence. –Cory Maclay

Photo: Asa Buehler and Nate Korhais

Topics: Church Life, Easter


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