Generosity from the Heart of a Child 

April 4, 2017

In a world where green is often the order of the day and consuming and building for ourselves are primary, we sometimes glimpse the Kin-dom of God slipping through “ME” and “MINE” to reveal “WE” and “OTHERS.” Such was the case Sunday, March 26 at our Prayer Around the Cross service when the opportunity to share our offering was given. 

We were reminded that the special Lenten Offering would be split to support our denomination’s ecumenical efforts toward global disaster relief through UCC’s One Great Hour of Sharing and a local mission outreach to ROOTS (Rising Out of the Shadows), a sheltering safe place in the U-District for displaced 18-25 years-olds to sleep, eat, shower and do laundry.

As offering baskets were handed down the rows, a young grandson to Plymouth, Raymond, had brought a box of Cheez-It crackers for a snack. Hearing the need and seeing others respond, he told his grandmother, “I think those kids would like these.” He closed the box of crackers, placed it in the basket and passed them along as his gift from the heart – a simple and heartfelt act of generosity given from a child.

This simple act reminded me of two examples which Jesus held up to be recognized… a widow who gave all she had as her offering (two mites) and a little boy who saw a great need to feed thousands and gave. May we be those who respond in generosity having received the great generosity of God in Jesus Christ! Through your gifts, we will contribute $5600 to these two mission outreach opportunities. Thank you. -Rev. Steve Davis

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