Easter Flowers 

April 11, 2017

Given in memory of in honor of…

Howard Reynolds, from his Family

John and Jean Haigh, from Ken and Jeanette Hagen

Roger and Jeanne Jones and Roger and Betty Jones Jr., from Stephanie Jones

Wallace Davis, Sr., John Blaine, Cheri Blaine and honoring  Lillian Davis, from Lauren Davis and Family

Norma J. Clark, from Karen A. Clark

Ernest E. Colglazier, Alberta Colglazier, Bob Hanson and Carol White, from Bertha Hanson

Uncle Edward T. Gwilym, from Janet Gwilym, Bing Tso, Alana and Morgan

Kristen Thomson, from Cathy  Federici

Our Parents, Dana and Grace Gorton and Maurice and Ruth Haas, from Sue and Jerry Haas

Geraldine Emmert Rood, from Kathryn Rood

Uncle Edward Gwilym, from Kathy and Annika Gwilym

William Wait and Marge Jones, from Pam and Don Miles

My Family, including Hazel Latta, Virginia Helen Latta Maiden and Myrtle Maiden, who have gone before me, from Marianne Maiden

Gail Kinmonth & David Burngasser, from Caryn Hopkins

My Mother, Millie Hirst, from Bev DeCook

Jim Blaikie, dear husband and wonderful father, from the Blaikie Family, Hilda, Peter, Tom and grandchildren

Additional Contribution from

Martha and Terry Teigen

Topics: Church Life, Easter



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