God is Still Speaking 

April 25, 2017

To the Members and Friends of Plymouth UCC:

Greetings to you as we celebrate God’s resurrection work among us! We write to thank you for your committed and generous support of the Pacific Northwest Conference UCC over the past year. Each day seems to pose new challenges to the values we believe in. Never in our lifetime has this passionate, progressive Christian family of ours been more important. There are people in our neighborhoods looking for the kind of spiritual confidence and moral integrity that we embody as a people of a still-speaking God. We must continue to find creative ways to engage people outside our church walls and to provide the support, the resources and the joint witness that will enable all of us to walk in the footsteps of the living Christ with enthusiasm and love. Yours in resurrection hope,

Rev. Peter Ilgenfritz, Moderator, Rev. Mike Denton, Conference Minister

Topics: Church Life



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