Meet the Horn Family 

May 2, 2017

Solomon and Tamara Horn, with their son Elijah, recently entered into covenant with Plymouth Church. Welcome them and say hello!

Why and when did you move to the Seattle area?

“Solomon is a Seattle native and most of his immediate family also still live in the Pacific Northwest. Tamara accepted a position at a company based in Seattle and relocated in 2002.”

How and where did you meet each other?

“We were introduced to each other through mutual friends in 2005…proof that setups by friends and family do work sometimes!”

Where did you attend college and what was your focus?

“Solomon earned a BA in Business Administration with a major in Accounting from Seattle University. Tamara earned a BA in Radio-Television-Film from San Jose State University and earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Seattle Pacific University.”

What are your current and/or past careers?

“We have both been extremely blessed throughout our careers. Like many people, we’ve been through rough periods (layoffs, challenging work environments, etc.) but we appreciate all the learning we’ve gained through our experiences. Today, Solomon is an IT Lead for the HR department at Kaiser Permanente Washington (formerly Group Health) and Tamara leads a Learning and Development team as a Sr. Business Program Manager at Microsoft.”

What Seattle neighborhood do you live in?

“We live in West Seattle and love our community for its openness and diversity of people, places and ideas.”

Tell us about your family and pets.

“While we are animal lovers, we currently do not have any pets. Our last companion was a lovable basset hound named Pandy who passed when she was 13 years old. We are part of a large close knit family who enjoy spending time together. Our son Elijah is typically the youngest family member at all family events.”

Who/what inspires you?

“We try to enjoy and appreciate each day and we find inspiration in many ways and from many different people. Family and friends who’ve overcome difficult obstacles in life, people who have discovered their individual talents and have turned that talent into their life’s work, miracles in nature that can’t be explained, people who see the world differently than we do, social justice activists who tirelessly work to fight for rights, watching our son learn and seeing the world through his eyes… The list goes on and on.” 

What is your passion?

“We both find that we feel the most invigorated by helping motivate those who are too weary to motivate themselves, offering kindness to those who feel shunned, presenting possibilities to those who feel hopeless, lending an ear to those who just need someone to listen, helping those who have made mistakes and worry they will not be given a second chance, educating people on the difference between tolerance and acceptance. Like many people, the challenge we have is finding time to do more.”

Why Plymouth?

“We were first introduced to Plymouth by Solomon’s Aunt Sylvia Odom. Sylvia showed us that if you have the Spirit, anything is possible thought God and Plymouth Church. We are so inspired at how she helped create Plymouth Housing Group that works to eliminate homelessness. The family felt humbled when one of the buildings was named in her honor - Sylvia Odom's Place which houses 63 men and women.” —Janice Randall   


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