Rev. Kelle Brown Sings at Peace Concert 

May 15, 2017

Hear Rev. Kelle Brown and many other musical acts at Peace Concert

A Ghost light Project

Taproot Theatre Company’s Isaac Studio Theatre 208 North 85th St. Seattle, WA 98113

7:30 pm, Monday, May 22 

Peace Concert, a Ghost Light Project, is a free, non-partisan, curated event featuring local music, spoken word and other creative art forms. The goal of this concert is to offer a creative peaceful demonstration along with practical resources to encourage positive change. Theme of this event is "Immigration." donations requested to support participating organizations.

Key objectives:

  • To live out the mandate to love our neighbor.
  • To invite the community to a peaceful demonstration of creative arts with a focus on equality, justice and peace.
  • To offer a safe forum for our neighbors who have stories, opinions and perspectives that may differ from our own.
  • To offer practical avenues of involvement with local, regional and national government and civic organizations. 
  • To allow participants to utilize social media to expand education and activism within their own networks.



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