Sign Petition to Name Shoreline School for Slain Civil Rights Leader 

June 5, 2017

Nine-year old Sarah Wiebe (granddaughter of long-time Plymouth members Roy and Maryanna Wiebe) asks you to sign her petition to the Shoreline School Board to rename her school in honor of slain civil rights leader Edwin T. Pratt.

"To the Shoreline School Board: My name is Sarah and I am in the 3rd grade. I would like to inform you about why we should change the name of a Shoreline School District building to honor Edwin T Pratt. He was an accomplished civil rights activist and the director of the Seattle Urban League. He stood up for school desegregation and fair housing. He moved to Shoreline to set an example of how we can all be neighbors. On the snowy night of January 26, 1969 a snowball hit the window of his Shoreline house. He went to the door to see what made the noise and was shot and killed. His wife and his 5 year old daughter were home at the time. I think naming a Shoreline school district building in his honor would be appropriate because he rallied for all children to have equal education and desegregated schools. Thank you!"  Click here to sign the petition

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