Reflections on Sunday, June 11 

June 13, 2017

Last Sunday’s services were so rich and poignant, perfect preambles to formally extending a call to Kelle and Steve to lead us. Two thoughts sparked for me during the services that I would have shared during a congregational conversation had there been time for such a thing in either of those packed services. Since they keep pinging around in my head, I thought perhaps a brief message in the Herald might be in order.

The first is an extension of the beautiful poem by Frank Cavano in the Contemporary Voice, “Oneness Song.” As Sue Maul pointed out when she read it, his poem reminds us God is in each of us and that we are one with God and with one another. This was very sweetly foreshadowed for my family when my partner Laura got a fortune in a fortune cookie on her birthday last week that said “Just be yourself. You are wonderful.” I share this because I’d like each of us to believe this about ourselves and one another.

The second thing is also something of an extension, this one to Anna Colwell’s message. Part of what I took from Anna’s message is that we need to be bold and question the answers we are given and that we come to ourselves. I wholeheartedly agree. I suggest we would also sometimes question the questions. How we frame our questions influences the type and scope of answers. We are likely to see and favor answers to things that fit our worldviews, and our experiences and perspectives will shape the nature of the questions we ask. We often don’t know we are limited in such ways. It’s ok that this is true, we can’t help having our particular points of view. But we may be able to grow more fully together if we remember there could be radically different ways of framing questions and answers and if we are willing to do the work to open ourselves up to ideas and perspectives we couldn’t possibly come to all on our own. This ties back to Frank’s closing stanza: “And the words become a single unconditionally loving Word, a Song that tells me We Are One.”

Tracy Simpson

Topics: Church Life



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