Bike the Infamous Red Line 

September 25, 2017

In the 1930s, the Federal Housing Authority created maps dividing U.S. cities into “hazardous (red),” “definitely declining (yellow),” “still desirable (blue)” and “best (green)” areas. Loans, mortgages and insurance were denied within the “red” areas, which were defined largely by populations of people of color and Seattle was no exception.

Join me and Cascade Bike Club leader, Merlin Rainwater on a bike ride along Seattle’s infamous Red Line to learn a little about the efforts of our white forebears to create a securely segregated city. Riders will gather 10 am Saturday, October 7 in the parking lot of NW African American Museum 2300 S Massachusetts St, Seattle. We will ride around portions of the area which was once subjected to “redlining,” one of several tactics used to establish and enforce racial segregation. Lunchbreak, bring a sack lunch or treat yourself to Simply Soulful Cafe. Will do our best to keep Seattle’s hilly topography to a minimum. All will run through Ride SMART safety check  at 10. An RSVP to would be nice, giving us an approximate number of bike club docents for group ride, but please don’t let that stop you from joining us day of. Questions? Email me! All are welcome! –Diane Jacobsen

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