Coming Home 

August 29, 2017

A New Season at Plymouth

With the coming of the new program year, Plymouth Church is gearing up for an amazing season of opportunity. During the spring, the Congregational Council adopted priorities to guide our activity and to focus our work in three areas: (1) Vibrant Worship, (2) Social Justice and (3) Media Presentation.

Rev. Brown shared recently about the opportunity to experience our worship services in the Sanctuary and grow our capacity to invite unity and togetherness in our worship together. As we have created deep and rich experiences together these past few months, so now we move forward to the next season of worship and how we begin to present our message of hope to the world through media.

As Rev. Brown and I, and all the ministry staff, work to bring a greater expression and unifying message to our vision and mission as a congregation, we invite you to experience with us services of worship which inspire, challenge, confront and comfort us. We invite you to experience hospitality and relationship as we share with one another in between our two services this fall, that we might know one another better, engage in conversation and share our stories. We invite you to join in giving of yourself by volunteering to engage in tasks needed to grow our life together and our witness to the world. We invite you to worship, learn, share, eat and work together as the people of Jesus and a community of increasingly greater faith.

Starting with Homecoming Sunday, September 10, our schedule each Sunday will share opportunities for:

Worship at both 9 am and 11 am, in the Sanctuary

Hospitality Coffee Hour 10 am to 11 am in the Lounge

1st Sunday Brunch (Starting Oct. 1) as a time of Faith Formation in Community together

Faith Formation Forums / Events monthly

We’ve heard you share again and again in conversations, emails and at summer camp, the desire to be an innovative congregation which intentionally takes each other’s hand in covenant and also reaches out to embrace our community in relationship. Starting this fall, we begin a new season of doing precisely that through our worship, hospitality, faith formation and witness together. Begin to see our invitation for people to Come Home. Experience God and one another in new and powerful ways. Find us connecting our lives more and more to our social witness of justice through engaging speakers, events and opportunities which grounds our message in active witness. See and hear, through various technology upgrades, how we share images, videos, songs and messages to share and experience together in worship and events and to share with the world around us, online and through social media.

All these things set the stage for the next season as we look toward 2018 and continue to grow into the new creation God has planned. We are Plymouth Church UCC!  We say, “I’m In!” We step forward in faith with our eyes on Jesus, our hands outstretched to one another and eager to see the new thing that God is at work to bring about through us.

Making Improvements

It may seem like the pace slows down a bit during the summer with travels and vacations, warm weather and time in the outdoors. For our building staff, however, summer is a time of significant activity. We hope you notice and share the pride of keeping our Plymouth facilities and share your appreciation to our guys who work so hard.

  • Power washing our brick sidewalk from Seneca to University on Sixth Avenue
  • Power washing all landings, patios and stairwells
  • Stripping and waxing all tiled floor areas (1st, 2nd and 3rd floor) and Hildebrand Hall
  • Cleaning the upper roof areas and ledges
  • Pruning, trimming and weeding of all bedding areas and tree pots
  • Graffiti vandalism repainting

Our thanks to Robert Moore, Gener Rillo, Rogie Eclipse, Mark Marcial and Ronel Cusay for their daily efforts, as well as these extra projects. Thanks also to Bill Castello and Alan Jacobsen who served as extra laborers to help accomplish these big projects.

Yours in grace and hope,

Rev. Steven Davis

Executive Minister


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