Celebrating Homecoming and Sharing Gratitude 

September 12, 2017

The efforts of many came together last Sunday to make our Homecoming celebration a truly great experience! One person shared the day as a “wonderful, celebratory, Spirit-filled morning!” The ministry program staff, pastoral staff, facility support staff, Community and Care Board and the Church Council leadership all pitched in. We celebrate who God continues to create us to be as a people of faith, and ways God continues to draw people to share in covenant life together. Including those received into covenant Sunday, 33 new persons (including our ministers) became part of the covenant community of Plymouth Church UCC in 2016-2017! Extend a warm Plymouth welcome to Tia Mary Aschenbrenner, Bill Castello, Grace Loonsbury, Elizabeth Gordon, Michael Gordon and Karen Clark who were received in covenant on Homecoming Sunday.

Both worship services brought rich blessings. Being in the Sanctuary for both services gives us opportunities to present worship with new visual additions. We hope the use of media to enhance our ability to communicate God’s love and express our life in community adds to our experience and assists all in participating more fully. We share our gratitude for Rev. Steven Davis, Bill Castello, Oliver Stellfox, June Hayakawa-Fung, Indigo Brown, Diane Jacobsen and Rogie Eclipse in helping pull it all together.

Thanks to organizers and workers of this great day to celebrate 50+ years of being in Covenant, as well as our new persons, with particular thanks to June Hayakawa-Fung and the Community and Care Board: Susan MacRae, Al Bentley, Morgan Gwilym Tso, Susan Berry, Margaret Kitchell, Meggie Rodgers and J Wong, Bob Turner, Annie Ogle, Rev. Kelle Brown, Indigo Brown, Janice Randall, Diane Jacobsen, Rogie Eclipse, Gener Rillo and Mark Marcial, all who shared their labors of love to make the day even more joyful.

We continue in coming weeks to celebrate the joy of being the community where all are welcomed home! Come, be part of the transformational experience in our worship and life together.

—Yours in grace and hope, Rev. Steven Davis

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