Walk the Labyrinth October 5 

September 26, 2017

Walk the Labyrinth between 10 am and 2 pm, Thursday October 5, in Hildebrand Hall.

Our fragile and bent world needs our calm, trust, love and faith. We can offer ourselves – wholehearted and present – to walk with those we love through the fear and mess. That’s all any of us can do. That’s why we’re here. We support one another. The labyrinth supports us all.

Every step we take is a healing step for ourselves and others. Every step we take is a sacred step as we affirm all will be well. Life is an ongoing journey of change and choice; surrender the old and trust in new beginnings.

As we walk, this we proclaim! AND this we ask…that Spirit show us the way. Humility helps us become aware. Purpose gives us what we need – to share ourselves, selflessly, abundantly, with those in need of others to walk with them, toward healing and wholeness once more. Amen. 

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