Come Clog Dance with Us! 

September 26, 2017

Wow! This place is hoppin’! Ukulele Club, Labyrinth Walks, Plymouth Knitters… Our front doors need a Fitbit to count the volume of steps crossing Plymouth UCC’s threshold mid-week!  

With so much happenin’ here, I thank Plymouth UCC for blessing me with space each Wednesday evening to embrace my passion, clog dancing. I am honored and excited to share this form of dance with Plymouth UCC. A beginner class took their first steps this summer and all agree it is great fun that needs to be shared, so I’m offering another beginner class this fall. Not quite sure? The 10 am hour, Sunday, October 1, in Hildebrand Hall may include a wee cloggin’ surprise guaranteed to get you walking past Plymouth’s threshold each Wednesday starting October 11. We will be tappin’ those toes together! Free parking in Plymouth UCC garage! Questions? Email or call me, I would LOVE to tell you more!

Clogging is a North American folk dance that originated in the Appalachian Mountains. Irish, Scottish, English, Dutch and Germans who settled there in the mid 1700s all played a role in shaping this great form of dance which now enjoys widespread popularity throughout the United States and around the world.  The word “clog” means “time” in Gaelic. Clogging is a dance that is done in time with the music, to the downbeat, usually with the heel keeping rhythm. It is great exercise and, since no partner is needed, the “exercise” level is completely up to you. All steps are cued by the instructor, so there is no need to memorize and no, we don't dance in wooden shoes -- they are lace up shoes similar to tap shoes. Music genres range from traditional bluegrass to modern hip hop. --Diane Jacobsen

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