Bring Joy to Sunday 

September 26, 2017

Someone recently said, “We need more joy in our worship.” I agree! I don’t see this as a complaint as much as an offered opportunity. There is much heartache and sorrow to go around concerning the current events of which we are aware, and though there must be challenge, church must also be the place where we model how to turn our weeping into dancing, and our sorrow into joy.

Beginning the fourth Sunday of October, Plymouth Church begins celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in worship! If it is your birth or anniversary month, we invite you to stand and let us send our love your way. 

What better way to learn more about each other, and to honor the milestones of our siblings in faith. We missed our September celebration…but never fear! September birthdays will be acknowledged, too. 

I pray that you will come all the time, but if you must choose, let’s fill the seats on the fourth Sunday and fill our hearts with some good news. Let’s celebrate! —Rev. Kelle Brown  

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