Move to the the Music 

October 3, 2017

Wow! Sunday Brunch was a blast! Not only did we enjoy good food (compliments of your Plymouth UCC Council), but my four fellow cloggers took the floor in Hildebrand Hall to town and back by demonstrating clog dancing! When our demonstration was followed by a round of applause and “Hey, that looks like something I could handle,” I was clicking my taps! We would love for you to join us this year. Not as mobile as your neighbor? One of the many plusses about clog dancing is that you are your own person on the floor.  LL are welcome! It has been and is a joy to share this form of dance with Plymouth UCC.  Sunday’s clog dancers took their first clog steps this summer and all agree it is great fun that needs to be shared, so offering another beginner class this fall, 6 pm Wednesday, October 11. Free parking in Plymouth UCC garage! All are welcome! Questions? Email or call me, I would LOVE to tell you more! --Diane Jacobsen 

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