I’ve Got an Attitude! 

October 10, 2017

During the formative years of my children’s home life, they heard a common refrain about their attitude, not as a caution, but as an inspiration. “Your attitude is the key to success!” I often told them. And I realize still today how that statement rings true, because I have an attitude!

In the face of so much in our nation and world…I have an attitude, and so do you.

In my relationships with family and friends…I have an attitude, and so do you.

In our ministry together to be the community of faith…I have an attitude, and so do you.

With all that encompasses this journey we call life, I choose to stand with others for their possibilities and dreams and to be someone who inspires those possibilities.

While it may seem unusual, we can bring this same attitude toward our life in faith, specifically to our contribution of time, talent and treasure to the ministry to which we believe God has uniquely called us as Plymouth Church UCC. The time arrives in a couple of weeks when we begin to share the possibilities of who we believe God calls us to be as a community of faith in a world of need. We may name this time of considering and visioning “Stewardship,” yet I believe we can experience so much more than a “campaign.” Together, we can share a journey of discovery and inspiration, of soul stirring and faith stepping, challenge and stretching ourselves to become something new we know is beyond our grasp and only possible with God leading the way. This is the attitude I invite you to share with me as we approach a season of “Living Abundantly!”

Friends, your pastoral and ministry leadership stands in partnership with you in an attitude that says, “I’m All In!” Let’s offer our best selves to God in the weeks to come as we consider who we will be together in ministry to all the world! -Yours in grace and hope, Rev. Steven Davis

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