Sharing Our Family 

October 17, 2017

I love our church family!

Never would I have imagined myself taking part in a panel about being a queer parent, but it happened last Saturday. The Plymouth Church UCC family and the area community came together in the Lounge and Sanctuary with 14 community groups represented for a resource fair and 62 participants, five panelists and 18 children to share who we are as families. The gathering inspired me as I heard from others and shared my own journey as a gay Dad with 4 children. Through the conversation and questions, we grew in a deeper understanding and empathy for the unique challenges kids of LGBTQ parents face, as well as resources and partnership of others committed to seeing our families thrive. Rarely do we find churches engaging in such dialogue and inviting others to hear a message of hope, faith, sexuality and identity. Yet, at Plymouth Church UCC, we boldly step into opportunity.

I love our church family!

I met with leaders around the topic of stewardship and budget planning last Sunday, and heard great enthusiasm for telling our story as congregation in mission and ministry. There is a palpable spirit in the congregation of excitement and moving forward in a direction which feels good. While we trust the leading of the Spirit, we recognize the joy of the journey is every bit as important as the destination. Our excitement invites others to sense and create new possibilities for action and take bold steps in ministry that transforms lives. You are showing that you’re ALL IN!

I love our church family!

As we enter into the season of thanksgiving and acknowledge God’s gifts, our upcoming worship series “Living Abundantly” focuses on ways we can give, celebrate and discover the abundance in our lives together. In coming weeks, we will have the opportunity to hear personal stories of grace and transformation from one another and celebrate the love we share within and outside our church doors. As you prayerfully consider your personal giving commitment, remember those whose legacy we carry forward. Consider as well, the shoulders upon which we stand today and the sacrifices and generosity of others who saw far beyond themselves. Today, we prepare the way for the next generations who see what “being Plymouth” and “being a person of faith” and “living abundantly” is as we share our life in abundance with others. Coming weeks bring opportunity for each one of us and all of us collectively to celebrate who God is among us, who we are as a community and for us to shout from the mountaintops… “I love our church family!” Yours in grace and hope. –Rev. Steven Davis

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