Your Prayers Make a Difference 

December 12, 2017

For me, “Prayers of the People” offers such a meaningful time in our worship together. It is here my heart awakens to the joys, needs and concerns of others in our community. Christmas Eve, your written prayers will be imbedded in beautiful stars designed by Beverly Harding Buehler for this service. Some are also being lovingly adorned by Tracy Simpson.

Thank you for participating, sharing your prayers and making stars. Special appreciation goes to our Sunday school students, Middle Youth Forum and Youth Forum as well as members of the Worship Arts Team for their help in cutting and gluing. Thanks to Larry Buehler for his extraordinary efforts with the hardware needed for the installation.

Know that your prayers make a difference. They speak to God and to all of us of our deepest love and caring for each other and the world. –Rosemary Hashimoto

Topics: Advent, Church Life



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