Pastor Kelle's Schedule 

December 26, 2017

Mondays are a time to prepare for the week, study and write her sermon. Your social media posts might inspire a whole sermon series! 

Tuesdays are in the office. This is the first day the staff is together each week, so you’ll find her in meetings most of the day. With break-neck speed, you’ll find she and Rev. Steve making things happen.

Wednesdays are set aside for Bible study, community building and social justice work. She’ll be out and about meeting with different community groups and leaders to cultivate relationships beyond Plymouth’s walls.

Thursdays, Kelle is in the office. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, send an email to Kelle or Diane.

Fridays are Kelle’s Sabbath. Sometimes, she is visiting friends at Monroe Prison. Other times, she is practicing self-care—getting a needed massage, crafting or catching up on Netflix. She welcomes you to do the same!

*Because ministry is sometimes messy, this schedule is a “living document," and is often subject to change. At times, her Fridays are more like Tuesdays, and other times she practices self-care on a Wednesday because her Saturdays are filled with activities. Thank you in advance for being flexible and compassionate.

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We look to God for the breaking of oppression and healing in the land. Let us stand together with one voice as we watch, fight, and pray with life prioritized.

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