Moderator calls Congregational Annual Meeting 

January 8, 2017

Call to Meetings

As 2017 ends, first a reminder to get your pledges in by the close of the year. Many of us catch up with our annual pledge at year’s end. Let’s all do so again this year so we will be on track for our 2018 budget.

And good news with our 2018 budget. Pledges are running a bit ahead of 2017! We see this as a sign that Plymouth is moving beyond transitions of the last two years to a brighter future.

The Congregational Annual Meeting is called for 12 pm, January 28, in Hildebrand Hall. The Annual Report will be reviewed, and your vote is needed to install new lay leadership. Great news that Lori Kaid and Bing Tso have agreed to serve as Moderator and Vice Moderator, respectively.

Last, and equally important, our Congregational Council unanimously recommends the Congregation approve an amendment of By-Law 10.5 Music Director. The gist of this amendment is to create flexibility in hiring the Music Director.

Current By-Law 10.5 requires establishing a Search Committee, and approval by the Council of the person selected for the position. The recommended amendment removes these requirements, and simply establishes authority of the supervising Minister to administer and direct activities of the Music Director as part of the spiritual life of the Congregation.

Under our collaborative model of Ministry established by By-Law amendments and Congregational vote earlier this year, and pursuant to Council approval of ministerial duties and roles, our Lead Pastor Kelle Brown is responsible for the Music Director. The amendment leaves the door open to establish a search committee when determined appropriate, but eliminates this activity as a prerequisite to hiring our current acting Music Director, Wanda Griffiths, as a permanent employee. The proposed amendment simply reads as follows: The Music Director shall be hired by and subject to dismissal by the supervising Minister. Wanda Griffiths will then be hired as our permanent Music Director upon approval of this amendment at our Annual Meeting. Please talk to me at Sunday services, Vice Moderator Lori Kaid or any other Council members if you have questions or comments about this amendment. –Moderator Alan Wallace

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