Understanding White Privilege: What's Next? 

January 16, 2018

Thanks to all who participated in the UCC White Privilege curriculum small group work and then showed up after church last Sunday to share. More than 50 attended the gathering to break bread together and openly discuss perspectives. Special thanks to Jenn Hagedorn who skillfully led the group discussion.

The questions asked were:

How do I act out this form of internalized racial superiority at Plymouth?

How does this manifestation act as a barrier between me and a fuller experience of God or the Divine?

How does this manifestation keep us from living out our collective vision as a congregation?

The group was also asked about how each one of us manifest this behavior at Plymouth, and the larger group broke out into small groups to discuss on a personal level:

Cognitive dissonance


Denial and defensiveness




Control and manipulation

“The spirit was right,” said Jennifer Castle, Faith Formation Director. “People want to explore ways to unpack the past and move forward.”

Rev. Kelle Brown added, “Hopefully this work will drive us to more conversations about our by-laws, human resources policies, how we do meetings, our vision and purpose. It’s about dismantling white supremacy and ALL the ways we are systemically challenged.”

Individuals were asked to make commitments around undoing their own white privilege in the areas of Plymouth they are involved.

“Our hope is to continue to build authentic community with honest, transparent conversations,” said Castle. “Our work has just begun.” —Janice Randall

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