Learn about Refugees 

January 30, 2018

Thank you to all those who attended the refugee presentation Sunday, Jan 21, with Sam Altis from Lutheran Community Services. The kids got involved and adults learned a ton about refugees too! Plymouth K-4 Sunday School class is currently putting together cleaning kits for refugees.


The average length refugees stay in a camp is 27 years.

The U.N. oversees all refugees in the world.

Before applying for resettlement, they must go through a security check and a medical check.

There are 66 million displaced persons in the world and 23 million of those are refugees. Only 1% of the 23 million get resettled.

The U.S. currently takes in 20,000 refugees per year.

Once they arrive in the U.S., the screening process begins.

Refugees are always legal when they come here.

In Washington state, refugees mostly come from Ukraine and Afghanistan.

Refugees greatly benefit from having a community to help support them.

How can we help? Five to 10 people (Circle of Welcome) can get together to walk with a refugee family for a year (provide transportation, kits for their home, financial help and networking/connections). Donate a refugee starter kit (bathroom kit, welcome kit, cleaning kit, two different kitchen kits). For more information on how to get involved, please go to lcsnw.org or call 206.901.1685. –Jennifer Kaiton

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