Helping Seattle Area Refugees and Immigrants 

March 20, 2018

What does being ‘church,’ putting love and kindness into action, look like? The K-4, 5 and MYF children showed us March 12, when they exceeded all expectations by buying supplies and filling 34 kits with cleaning materials for refugees arriving in the Seattle area through Lutheran Community Services Northwest. In less than an hour, our youth created cards and filled plastic tubs with 11 different cleaning products and supplies, from laundry detergent to dustpans. In addition, they brought stuffies, hot wheels, bubbles, paper and pencils and other kid-friendly items to add. Congratulations and many thanks to K-4, 5 and MYF students, families and teachers for such abundance, and to Diane Jacobsen for being one of the shoppers! Plymouth Immigration Ministry Team and Lutheran Community Services Northwest are grateful you all.

There is also great need for housing and personal involvement with refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants. We currently seek a team of 8-10 Plymouth members who can commit to helping a refugee family for a year, take them to appointments, practice English, find a job, etc. Thirty to fifty people per month arrive in the Northwest now, primarily from Afghanistan and Ukraine, although that could change any time.

We also need short-term volunteers to cook and serve monthly dinners for unaccompanied refugee and immigrant youth and their foster families. We expect additional Plymouth opportunities coming soon to be trained to accompany people to their immigration appointments and learn how to protect others from unjust arrests in our church building or elsewhere.

There are many ways to be God’s hands locally for refugees and immigrants. The Plymouth Immigration Ministry Team asks you to join us in whatever ways you feel called. New needs and opportunities arise frequently. Please contact Carol Mooney or any member of the Plymouth Immigration Ministry Team for more information.

Photo: Annika and Atticus, along with other Sunday School children and teachers, prepare care kits for immigrant families:

“Atticus and I talked about what a refugee is. It was easier for him to imagine a 7-year-old male refugee than an entire family or families. I showed him the refugee kit and he thought it was “lame,” toilet paper, mop, etc. I asked him, “What would you like in your refugee kit if you had to leave home and go to a foreign country?”  He came up with his own refugee kit; he's giving away some nice "loot." I’m impressed – Pokémon cards, knapsack, matchbox cars. While the kids’ parents may appreciate the toilet paper and mops more, I think Atticus is on to something…” –Charlie Torres

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