Take 5 for the Common Good: Torture is Always Wrong 

April 3, 2018

Torture is Always Wrong. Oppose these Nominations. Sign the open letter April 8.

The Washington State Religious Campaign Against Torture (WSRCAT) has prepared a sign-on letter to our Senators Murray and Cantwell to oppose the confirmations of Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State and Gina Haspel for Director of the CIA (text below).  We of Plymouth's Peace Action Group  (PAG) recommend that Plymouth folk join us in signing this letter on April 8 at a table in the church entry.  The letter and background information is also available for signing by groups or individuals thru www.wsrcat.org.  Sign soon as the vote may come within a couple of weeks. Background information will also be available at the kiosk.  -Adele Reynolds, for the Peace Action Group

We Oppose the Confirmation of Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel: An Open Letter

The undersigned organizations and individuals urge Senators Cantwell and Murray and all Washingtonians to oppose the nominations of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State and of Gina Haspel as Director of the CIA.

Mr. Pompeo is not qualified to be Secretary of State:

  • His repeated Islamophobic statements make him unsuited to represent the United States in global affairs, and his confirmation would be an embarrassment and an insult to all who value religious freedom and diversity. It would also lend support to a growing and dangerous Islamophobic movement within the United States.
  • His frequent bellicose statements would make it more likely for the U.S. to enter an unnecessary, deadly and expensive war.
  • His support for torture demonstrates that he does not respect human rights and the rule of law.

Ms. Haspel is not qualified to be Director of the CIA

  • As chief of base at a CIA “black site,” she oversaw the use of torture. No one with a history of participation in torture should lead the CIA. Her confirmation would signal a normalization of torture, perpetuate the falsehood that torture was legal and could be made legal again, and encourage future human rights abuses in the agency.
  • Her participation in the destruction of evidence of CIA torture reveals a blatant disregard for law, transparency and accountability.

This letter was initiated by the Washington State Religious Campaign Against Torture (WSRCAT), which has worked to end all U.S. torture since 2007. Consistent with the United Nations Convention Against Torture, WSRCAT opposes all torture under any circumstances.


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