Keeping Up Appearances 

March 27, 2018

This season is a gift. What joy to see new flowers; the gorgeous pinks, lavenders and yellows display their story, that hope will just appear. They just will. Even in the worst of circumstances, even on gray branches and through the ground that seems unwilling to sprout a thing, life unapologetically spills into the world! God is faithful, and our eyes and heart discover the very things we need to continue on, encouraged and inspired.

Often, I’m driving down the road and the passenger misses the flower or rainbow or sunset perspective with which I am totally enthralled. These poor, captured, unfortunate souls often must endure me driving out of my way to give them the best seat to see what I deem as beautiful. I park next to the tree with its delicate pink flowers, or find the vantage point to see Mount Rainier in all its glory. I simply want to share some view that might impact their day and have a common source of inspiration. Life can be too daunting to live without some memory of hopeful sight of beauty. 

This Resurrection Sunday focuses on the story of the women who found an empty tomb but were too afraid to share what they encountered. I don’t judge them in the slightest; I find in their story a welcome for all to accept the invitation to share the beauty, point out love; extend the possibility of resurrection appearances so everyone we touch might see despite their circumstances and challenges, that God in Jesus Christ is faithful, and new life is at hand.

I offer another way to think of “keeping up appearances.” Traditionally, the phrase means to pretend all is well. I offer that we can be responsible for telling others that the tomb is empty, death has lost its sting, the threat of Good Friday is ever present, and that there is resurrection after every one of them.

One of the gifts of resurrection is that each of us are invited to the balcony, the precipice, the best seat in the house that will increase our chances of seeing the miracle of new life. We have heard the story! This Holy Week will be full of challenges, and I believe we must not fly by them too quickly. There cannot be beauty for ashes without experiencing fire. Yet, Jesus will show us how to live with purpose, so we can knit hope into every moment, despite its quality. Let us walk together, hand in hand and invite every willing soul to see a delightful view of hope abundant. –Rev. Kelle J. Brown


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