Feeding Bodies and Souls 

May 15, 2018

We did it again! The May 10 for foster families and refugee youth successfully fed almost 30 foster parents, youth and LCSNW staff. Each month, people from Plymouth and Faith Lutheran sign up, so collectively we make it work. Carol, Ingrid, Louise, Kitty and I prepared food, served and cleaned up. Also, Barb and Karen provided food, transported by others. As always, special thanks to Adele who recruits a coordinator each month and keeps our master list. Last night I sat next to a foster mother, and we talked. I appreciated hearing about her son. He arrived in Seattle 3.5 years ago, not knowing any English. He's now ready to graduate in June, with enough credits and grades, just needing to clear the final hurdle of State testing. I deeply admire how this family is contributing to one youth’s growth.

Warmly, Donna Shy, member of Faith Lutheran Church

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