Since I Been Down 

November 16, 2020

Since I Been Down is a powerful, critically acclaimed  new film from Plymouth member Dr. Gilda Sheppard. 

In 1993, Washington State voters passed the three-strikes law and sent children considered irredeemable super-predators to prison for life without parole. Influenced by the national drug war frenzy, escalating crime, and gang activity, during the fear-based political policies of the 1980’s and ‘90’s, Tacoma, Washington sacrificed their most-vulnerable children.

The city’s lack of both social services and targeted investments in early education; the increasing inequality in housing and employment, and the culture of punishment (including no-parole, three-strikes, hard-time for armed-crime, and other excessive sentencing laws), stained the Tacoma landscape and destined these children to live their lives out behind bars.

Thrown into prison not for education or rehabilitation but for removal and punishment (out of sight, out of mind), these children, who are now adults, could not be silenced. Together they built a prisoners’ community of healing that extended beyond prison walls.

Since I Been Down spotlights prisoner Kimonti Carter, and follows his efforts as well as a wide group of prisoners, as they break free from their fate and create a model of education that is transforming their lives, their communities, our prisons, and our own humanity.

Visit the Since I Been Down Facebook page for news of the film and where/how to view.

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