Take 5 for the Common Good 

August 14, 2018

Senators, Stop backing the war in Yemen! Sign our letter on Aug. 19 & 26

Last week dozens of Yemeni children were riding a school bus, heading home from summer camp. At least 29 never made it. Their bus was hit by an air strike from the U.S.-backed, Saudi-led coalition that has been waging a devastating war in Yemen.

We share full blame for the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Despite attacks on weddings and markets and funerals and hospitals and water treatment facilities, we keep refueling the coalition’s planes and supplying them with weapons.

We’re why those 29 Yemeni children never made it home from summer camp.

We need to contact our senators now, and tell them that it’s time to end U.S. support for killing innocent children, widespread cholera, and man-made mass starvation. They can start by blocking the latest bomb sale to Saudi Arabia.  We need to stop backing the war in Yemen.  Sign on to such a letter after church on August 19 or 26.  --Adele Reynolds for Plymouth's Peace Action Group

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