Take 5 for the Common Good 

November 27, 2018

Measure I-1000 would allow the state to remedy discrimination for certain groups and to implement affirmative action, without the use of quotas or preferential treatment (as defined), in public education, employment, and contracting.

  • I-1000 is a statewide initiative to the Legislature to make Affirmative Action a state law which promotes diversity, equity & inclusion in public education, public employment and public contracting for qualified women, veterans, the disabled and people of color, without the use of quotas.
  • I-1000 is needed because while America has overcome many social hurdles, bias and discrimination still exists in our society. I-1000's mission is to enable every qualified Washington citizen, regardless of their race, gender, disability or military status (including honorably discharged military veterans) to be protected from discrimination when seeking opportunities in public education, public employment or public contracting.
  • I-1000 expands state Affirmative Action laws which currently only cover Vietnam-era & disabled veterans to now include all honorably discharged veterans.
  • The overwhelming majority of 42 out of 50 states and the entire U.S. federal government has Affirmative Action laws.
  • I-1000 creates a new Governor's Commission on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Chaired by the Governor and representing more than 25 state agencies, the Commission is responsible for planning, directing, monitoring and enforcing each state agency's compliance with Affirmative Action.

The target for signatures is 360,000, due by the end of the year. I-1000 is supported by former Governors Gregoire, Evans and Locke, Faith Action Network, Church Council of Greater Seattle and Washington State Labor Council. Go to YesOn1000.com to read more information, contribute or volunteer for this campaign. The I-1000 petition will be available to sign at Plymouth Sundays during November. –Michael Gordon and Adele Reynolds

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