The Lentiest Lent 

April 8, 2020

Some wise person wrote of this season the following: “This is the Lentiest Lent ever Lented.”  How true! In times of peace, health, comfort and satisfaction, Lent is a cloak that we can take on and off per our desired engagement. Usually during this time, we often fast how we wish, or not. Reflect and participate in discipleship and faith formation, if we so choose.

Yet, here we are, unable to solve or resolve this conundrum called a pandemic. We are distancing as best we can, cleaning, and helping, and teaching, and breathing deeply in the midst of our collective overwhelm. This is difficult, and I daresay, many of us have never experienced such in our lifetimes.

Lenty Lents are a peculiar gift, because they teach us to swim in depths we’d otherwise avoid, and cause us to seek God in profound and meaningful ways. All pretense is shed in this place.  We understand the fury of a Holy Monday when we see the suffering of those experiencing poverty, and of the negotiations of who gets what — plainly done right out in the open.  Many of us understand and feel deeply the power of a last meal, gathering with loved ones when quarantine inhibits our dining.  Some of us will feel the loneliness of persecution and suffering, as we are afraid to wear our masks because our skin is itself criminal. Others of us will hold the fear and sadness of suffering alone, of worry, of pain, and of death.  We cry together, Why, O God have you forsaken us?

And we should. This is the Lentiest Lent. And though we are far apart, I believe we have never been closer, and that our faith in God in Jesus has never been stronger. I do not believe that there is a good reason for this. I don’t believe in a God that needs to harm in order to teach. However, I do know that for the first time in a long time, we will experience the power of contrast, for resurrection will feel like the sun kissing your skin after being inside for days. It will feel like eating the meal you want rather than the meal you must eat. It will feel like your journey was not in vain. And it isn’t. You are precisely in the place to feel incredibly blessed to have made it through a Lenty Lent into a marvelous light.

Joy for your sorrows. Dancing for your mourning. Healing for your dis-ease. Blessed be!

—Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown 

Topics: Church Life, Easter



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