Thinking “As If” 

March 16, 2020

Embrace yourself.  Feel held.  You are making it through one of the most difficult moments in recent history.  I pray that you have what you need, and that you are tending to your own soul and mental health, while reaching out to others to check-in or share resources and a word of encouragement. 

What we are experiencing these days puts a song on my heart.  It sings:

This world is not my home; I’m just a stranger here.

But my home and all of its treasures are all laid up on high.

I believe I’ll pray on, just a little while longer.

Everything will be alright.

We don’t need rose-colored glasses.  The people who moaned this song did so in the midst of torture, despair and heartache.  Yet their resilience and faith were made stronger because God was real.  Saying everything will be alright was not ignoring the depths of hell African Americans overcame, but was acknowledging that we are called to think “as if”, to believe deeply in the possibility of deliverance and liberation. 

In Philippians 4, Paul writes from prison.  Yet, he penned, “Do not worry about anything…and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” He went on to say that we are called to think of what is right and pure and excellent and to understand that in plenty and in want, no matter the circumstances, we can understand the secret of being whole.

As a people, we can be honest and say that this feels like a heavy blanket of grief upon the world.  We can admit this is a difficult time.  Yet, I invite you to walk up the stairs of your mind to the balcony of existence and know that while things are scary, and stressful, and troubling, even now, the world is turning toward healing.  The water in Venice canals is clear!  The atmosphere over the earth is freer from pollution than it’s been in years.   Animals are roaming again in freedom.  What if in the midst of this trial, God is healing the earth?  I am encouraged we shall be healed, especially as well as most of those infected are recovering!

Plymouth Church will continue its worship online for the next four Sundays, unless there is a break in the current progression of the COVID-19 disease.  May we remember those who lost their lives, hold those currently ill in our heart, and pray for those impacted all over the world by this virus.  You are invited to light a candle with me at noon every day as we pray together for healing and justice in the land.

Pray on, beloved, just a little while longer, and prepare for the day that we’ll meet again.


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We look to God for the breaking of oppression and healing in the land. Let us stand together with one voice as we watch, fight, and pray with life prioritized.

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