To My Siblings in Faith: 

July 6, 2020

This article continues the update that began with a similar piece in last week’s Herald.

Exploratory Development Committee

A number of members have volunteered to serve on an Exploratory Development Committee, which would be charged with pursuing the development possibilities identified in the Meriweather report.  The committee has not yet been formed, but we would like to move forward with this work soon. We are continuing to seek additional persons who would like to be a part of this important project so that we can meet the congregation’s stated goal of having diverse representation along all identifiers. 

Paycheck Protection Program

This was shared in our Zoom congregational meeting, but wanted to provide the information to all: As part of the CARES act enacted in late March, a novel Payroll Protection Program (“PPP”) was created.  Under PPP, churches, non-profits and businesses were offered the opportunity to apply for “forgive-able” loans (in effect, gifts) to permit them to continue making their payrolls through June 30th.  Plymouth was offered the opportunity to apply for a PPP loan.  A quick decision was needed because overall PPP funds were limited.  Moderator Sue Maul, Vice-Moderator Al Bentley, Treasurer Cindy Anderson, Lead Pastor Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown and Rev. Davis conferred and decided to seek a PPP loan for Plymouth.  The same group later decided – as did some for-profits and educational institutions – not to continue with PPP, because given our endowment we did not really need the funds. Proceeds of the PPP loan were transferred to the church’s account, but those funds were returned to the bank. This action was approved by the Council.

Please reach out to me if you’d like to talk further about last week’s information or what’s above.

Yours in faith,

Sue Maul, Moderator

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