Undoing Racism Debrief and Networking 

February 11, 2020

Join the debrief and networking session scheduled for everyone that attended the Undoing Institutionalized Racism (UIR) Workshop over the past few months. This is a great opportunity to revisit the workshop experience, engage people in collective work to end racism, support people who have participated in the process and talk about what a network that really works for everyone could mean in this region. It’s also a great opportunity for our core organizers to work on this together.

The gathering will be held  Monday, April 6, 6 pm to 8pm at Plymouth UCC. Free parking is available in the Plymouth garage after 5 pm on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have children we encourage you to bring them. We will engage them in activities that are connected to our collective discussion.

If you are able, we need volunteers to help with sign in, setting up the room, engaging children in the process, and/or helping with the breakdown and cleanup of the room at the end of the session. Please let Erin Bryant-Thomas (erinnbryant@hotmail.com)  know if you are able to help in any of these areas.

We have a group of people who are working hard to arrange the meal for the evening and to prepare a welcoming space for everyone. Please RSVP to Erin Bryant-Thomas at erinnbryant@hotmail.com if you plan to attend. This will help us make sure we have adequate food available.      

Debrief sessions are scheduled quarterly, therefore, if you’re unable to attend this session, you will be notified of the next session once the date is set. No need to respond to this email unless you plan to attend the April 6 Debrief session.

We’re excited about the evening and we look forward to seeing you.

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