Walk the Labyrinth 10 am -2 pm, Thursday, May 4, in Hildebrand Hall 

April 25, 2017

In the mystical tradition many hold the concept of God as a Divine Light surrounding, enfolding and flowing through us. The mystical tradition affirms there is an unquenchable spark of divinity within each one of us. This spark is kindled into a blazing fire when we fill our souls with the beauty of nature, music, art, poetry and deep connection with others.   

Part of our DNA, God is our ever-present sanctuary. Many never find access to this sanctuary. Our chattering minds shout down inner peace. Practice listening into the silence through centering prayer, meditation, expressions of gratitude to quiet the chatter. Opening ourselves to the still small voice within, we receive life-affirming inner peace, and often discover gifts we’re meant to share. Come walk the labyrinth, nurture yourself with music and beauty in sacred space, listen into the silence. Open to your own unquenchable spark of divinity. -Labyrinth Ministry Team

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