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June 11, 2019

Daniela Landes Deppe My name is Daniela Deppe and I am the daughter of Dan Landes and Angela Deppe. Plymouth is important to me because I like the community; it has helped me learn and grow my faith and help me form some of my beliefs. I appreciate the adults who have impacted my life. These people include Mary Stevens, Marcia Almquist, Anne Kiemle, Beverly Buehler and Kevin Bechtold. Though I primarily interact with people my own age, I find Plymouth to be my intergenerational family. I believe there may be a higher power, but I am still not 100% sure that is true, because I am not sure how to believe that there is a higher power. I also believe there should be more awareness about climate change and other big issues that we face in the world today. I want to be helpful in taking part to reduce climate change by helping reduce my carbon footprint. I am also thankful for Plymouth and everything it has done to not only help me but the community as well.

Lucinda Guthrie I believe that god is love. I believe that love has no race, gender, sexuality, (or all the other random labels made up by society). I believe that love is eternal, that love is forgiving. I believe that there cannot be a hell, because love always forgives. I believe that although bad things happen in the world, love is always what saves the messed up human race. Love is all I need to keep going, and I think the same is true for the people in my life. Love keeps us safe. Love is always there for us through the people who love us, and who we love. I believe that maybe Jesus was alive at some point, but that what's important are the lessons that the bible teaches us. Jesus in the bible was led by love in all his acts. Kindness, hopefulness, forgiveness, charity, generosity, many other traits and (I know I keep saying this) love, are many of the traits shown in the bible to teach us how to be human the selfless way. Thank you, the Plymouth community, for raising me and teaching me since I was baptized at Plymouth as a baby, and for accepting me for who I am and what I believe and pushing me to think about those things. Believing in something is important to be a selfless human, something I will work on and struggle with my entire life.


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