Welcome Ugandan Students 

May 22, 2019

Sunday, May 26, Rebecca Malinga and Benson Akung George, both students at Beacon of Hope Secondary School in Soroti, Uganda will join us for worship followed by discussion during Faith Formation Hour in Hildebrand Hall.  

Come enjoy their company and hear about their lives and Beacon of Hope School. Share with them what you enjoy about Plymouth Church and living in Seattle. 

Rebecca hails from Katakwi District, where Pilgrim Africa's malaria work is conducted. Rebecca originally dreamed of becoming a doctor to help end the scourge of malaria. Now, her new aspiration is to make a difference in her community by becoming a civil engineer! When she's not studying physics, entrepreneurship, mathematics and computer studies, Rebecca enjoys participating in robotics, debate, music, dance and drama. Outside classes and clubs, she loves to listen to music, socialize, read literature and play netball and volleyball.

Benson grew up as a pastoralist, herding cattle through the Karamoja District, as part of a tribe that closely resembles the Maasai. He undertook a remarkable journey into the modern, global world. The youngest of seven children, his tenacity and perseverance are incredible. He studies biology, chemistry, agriculture and mathematics at Beacon of Hope School, to prepare for a career as a medical doctor. He likes to read the Bible, play soccer, make friends and counsel others. His favorite clubs at school are the Human Rights Club and Scripture Union. 

Scholarships given by Plymouth Church through Community Service and Social Action (CSSA) Board help provide quality secondary education, housing, food, medical care, school uniforms and supplies for four students like Rebecca and Benson at this Pilgrim Africa school. This is our opportunity to offer welcome and hospitality. They will also speak at Nafasi, Pilgrim Africa's joyous fundraising event at 5:30 pm, Thursday, May 30, in Fremont. This year's educational program, raffle and auction will help purchase land for the school.

Learn more about the event and buy tickets here.– Carol Mooney


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