What a Celebration! 

April 23, 2019

Plymouth Church Seattle, I love you. Thirty people attended our Easter sunrise worship. Over 400 people attended later worship. Sanctuary Church worshipped with us. Freeway ark was set up with a bouncy house and a performance stage for two bands. Tamales were eaten. Multiple musicians all enhanced our day, from a classical brass ensemble to renowned jazz musicians. Children poured off the stairs of the chancel during the children’s sermon, and we baptized three people, an elder and two babies dressed in traditional Ethiopian garb. A baby was dedicated. The photo booth promoted the truth that family is family, no matter the size. The floral cross stood as witness to the Resurrection. Multimillionaires sat with folk experiencing poverty. We were a multi-ethnic, intergenerational vision of the Beloved Community. God’s word went forth. And we ended it all with Widor Toccata!


Thanks to the clergy team, Rev. Steve Davis, Rev. Kevin Bechtold, Rev. Donene Blair, seminarian Jennifer Castle, Dr. Wanda Griffiths, Sari Breznau, able musicians and staff, custodians extraordinaire, volunteers, and so many others who made Easter a Celebration of Life! —Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown 

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