Who Set Loose Those Doves? 

October 6, 2015

Tracy Simpson, Jamie Shilling and Diane Jacobsen are the ‘Dove Team’ that recently, with the help of over 30 others, created the paper doves hanging in the sanctuary space in honor of our 145 years of being Plymouth Church. Stay tuned for more information about this art installation. For now, we are posing some questions that may help you interact with the art itself, especially during worship!

  • How do the doves change the Sanctuary space for you?
  • How does their movement enhance or change your worship experience?
  • What do you see in their individual shape or collective layers of shapes, colors or shadows?
  • What, if anything, comes up for you when you notice a tattered wing or two doves that have become intertwined?
  • Do the doves inspire an emotion or emotions that bring you in any way deeper into the presence of God or an awareness of Spirit?
  • Do they connect you to others? Or do they amuse or prompt a more individual response?
  • If you find the doves distracting or superfluous (or maybe see them as an imposition), how are you making space for those reactions?
  • What is evoked for you in contemplating that it took 30+ people working together to create something seemingly so simple?
  • How long should the doves fly in our Sanctuary? Pay attention to how your experience of them shifts over time!

Topics: Church Life


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