Plymouth Church News

November 6, 2018 What Shall I Bring? "What shall I bring? Music! Music has always been my favorite form of worship."
November 6, 2018 UCC PNC Immigrant Welcoming Congregations Gathering Organize with other UCC congregations to welcome immigrants.
November 6, 2018 Rediscovering Family: Understanding and Celebrating LBGTQI+ Perspectives Interact with other LGBTQI+ people and their allies to navigate different stages of coming out and understanding one’s self.
October 31, 2018 A Prayer in Time of Trouble In the wake of the tragedy at Tree of Life Synagogue, Seattle's Temple de Hirsch hosted a vigil this week.
October 29, 2018 Mozart Requiem this Sunday All Saints honored with music from community choirs and orchestra
October 29, 2018 Faith Formation: Say Yes to Everything Shonda Rhimes, writer of Grey's Anatomy tells her story.
October 29, 2018 Meet your Council member Faith Formation Council liaison brings experience and passion to the task...
October 29, 2018 What shall we bring? The Andersons express their gratitude.
October 29, 2018 Remembering Matthew Shepard Matthew Shephard's brutal murder became a symbol for many in the LGBTQ movement...
October 23, 2018 Thank You October 14 was an incredible day for me as I entered into ordained ministry. It is because of you, Plymouth members, that I can begin my call here.