Plymouth Church News

March 31, 2020 Different, And Rising Lent is a chrysalis. It pulls you in to a tight space so that you can be ready for true resurrection when it comes.
March 31, 2020 Palm Sunday at Plymouth: April 5, 2020 Services, events and announcements for Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020
March 31, 2020 Lenten Special Offering Extended Please give online, through text, or send a check in the mail. Thank you.
March 31, 2020 Lenten Stories: Stewardship & Faith These stories remind us of the countless ways in which we find God transforming us in the chrysalis of life that our ministry might impact the community and world in the life and hope of God’s love.
March 31, 2020 REJOICE! Jenn Hagedorn Aproved for Ordination! Jenn was supported in her journey by Plymouth Church as we held her " in care " as a candidate and created a Discernment Committee of Plymouth members to walk with her throughout the process.
March 31, 2020 Helpers Who Get Nothing Human beings shouldn’t have to choose between risking exposure to the COVID-19 virus or losing their shelter and access to food.
March 31, 2020 Help with Healing PHC can certainly use financial support to purchase and deliver food as needed and to do so for toilet paper, as well.
March 31, 2020 Stewardship 2020: “And Still, We Rise!” This weekend, you’ll be receiving your 2020 Pledge Card information by mail with instructions for how you can support the mission and ministries of Plymouth UCC.
March 30, 2020 Pilgrim Firs Provides Shelter Last year, the board approved a new mission statement for Pilgrim Firs: “Pilgrim Firs provides a sacred oasis for creativity and community.”
March 24, 2020 Eng House Welcomes Residents in April New housing for those who need it is a blessing.
Important Notice

Plymouth Church UCC stands with you in responding to the coronavirus. Our BUILDING IS CLOSED in keeping with the "STAY AT HOME" order of the Governor and Health Dept. recommendations, until further notice.

Church staff are mostly working remotely. Pastoral care is via telephone (206.622.4865 *833) checked daily or email.  If you have personal concerns, need to contact someone on staff or contact a minister: Click here for email addresses  or call 206.622.4865, checked daily. Staff respond daily. Continue to our HOME PAGE by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner for priority information.