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Social Justice Blog

Dec 10, 2014

Black Friday Reflection

Katherine Guthrie

It felt important and absolutely right to be at Walmart in Lynnwood on Black Friday -- there was no leap of faith to know that it was right for us to be there, supporting people who work hard for so little.  The group felt full of joy and camaraderie, and reminded me once again why I am part of a Christian community.  Because shopping on Black Friday makes me feel…  MORE >>

Aug 19, 2014

Malcolm Gladwell: What does it mean to be an outsider?

Jenn Hagedorn

Gladwell’s opening line: “If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be the last female president of the United States for a very long time.”

Gladwell spoke in the way he writes- brilliantly weaving together stories and research that walks a line between psychology and sociology. He acknowledges that his work does not have the same level of academic rigor as all of the…  MORE >>

Aug 17, 2014

A Priest Walks Into a Room of Sociologists...

Jenn Hagedorn

One of the speakers that I enjoyed the most on Saturday was Jay MacLeod, who is a parish priest who wrote the book Ain’t No Making It. I was very curious how a priest was going to engage a room of sociologists, but he brilliantly walked the line of being a researcher, story teller, and prophetic voice. MacLeod's book follows a group of mostly white boys called the “Hallway…  MORE >>

Aug 17, 2014

Robert Reich: The Long and the Short of It

Jenn Hagedorn

For those of you who know me, you know that Robert Reich is one of my heroes. He is a brilliant economist but also a teacher at heart, the Secretary of Labor under President Clinton, and uncompromising in his values. All of this was captured in the documentary, Inequality for All, which was shown at Plymouth and is also available on Netflix.

He is also quite short and uses his quick…  MORE >>