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Social Justice Blog

Articles for January 2014 

Jan 21, 2014

How does your faith inform your support of the Living Wage Principles?

Jenn Hagedorn

What does Plymouth's adoption of the living wage principles mean to us as individuals? What does our faith tradition call us to do in response to the economic injustices that we see all around us?

I recently read "Manna and Mercy" by Daniel Erlander with a group at Plymouth. It's a distillation of the entire Bible (complete with comic illustrations) with a simple message: God's vision…  MORE >>

Jan 14, 2014

Letters to Port Commissioners about Living Wages

Jenn Hagedorn

Now is a time when Plymouth members can take action for living wages! As many people may know, a living wage ordinance was passed by the voters of the City of SeaTac last Fall (see here for details about who was covered), but a judge has ruled that the ordinance can not take effect at SeaTac Airport. Here are a few letters that a few people from Plymouth have written to the…  MORE >>

Articles for January 2014