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Social Justice Blog

Articles for April 2014 

Apr 28, 2014

Living Wage Resolution Passed at Annual Meeting


The Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ gathered this last weekend to conduct the business of the conference. One of the pieces of business that was discussed and voted on was a living wage resolution. It passed unanimously! You can find the resolution here. Below is the introduction of the resolution:

During orientation week of the Justice…  MORE >>

Apr 1, 2014

Standing with the Women in Black

Jenn Hagedorn

What does it take to catch someone's attention? Just hold someone in time for a moment through their curiosity or sympathy? As I stood with the Women in Black last Wednesday, at Third and Cherry, this question kept rolling through my mind. 

The Women in Black stand to mourn those who have died on the street from exposure or violence and to remind…  MORE >>

Articles for April 2014