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Social Justice Blog


Feb 11, 2016

What does it take to build a latrine?

The family is required by Habitat to dig the hole for the latrine--a minimum of 12 feet!…  MORE >>

Feb 10, 2016

A new stove for Juanita!

Plymouth volunteers making a difference in Guatamala, making stoves, building houses...…  MORE >>

Feb 8, 2016

Building houses in Guatemala Feb/2016

Today we are building a house in St. Toleman, Guatemala and learning how to tie rebar!…  MORE >>

Dec 10, 2014

Plymouth U Reflection: Undoing Institutional Racism

Barbara Rhoe

As a teacher I believe that education is the solution to the problems of our age. Life long learning is the goal. So being newly retired and now living down town I was excited to participate in the Plymouth classes on undoing institutional racism. It was a valuable eye opening lesson in the insidious and pervasive nature of white privilege in our society. I left feeling troubled and often…  MORE >>