ACT is looking for ushers with the traded benefit of seeing a holiday
tradition. Usher job duties include ripping tickets, handing out programs,
or helping patrons find thier seats. Not to worry, we train everybody before
we open the theatre doors.

All ushers need to qualify is to be over the age of 12 or if part of a
family of ushers over the age of 5.

Show runs about 90min without an intermission. Check-in time for ushers is
1hr before curtain or show time. Below is a list of dates for the 1st week
of the run. I'll send an updated needs list at a later date but I suggest
getting back to me sooner rather than later because spaces are filling up.


Below are the remaining dates. Most just need one or two more. Dates
with * (stars) mean we need more than 4 ushers before the performance is
full. Take a look below and if interested send me an email;

12/4 - 7pm show (6pm call)

12/8 - 7pm show (6pm call)

**12/11 - 8:30 show (7:30pm call)**

12/12 - 8:30 show (7:30 call)

**12/13 - 7:30pm show (6:30 call)**

**12/14 - 8pm show (7pm call)**

12/15 - 7pm show (6pm call)

**12/18 - 8:30pm show (7:30pm call)**

12/20 - 6pm show (5pm call)

12/20 - 8:30 show (7:30pm call)

12/21 - 6pm show (5pm call)

12/21 - 8:30pm show (7:30pm call)

**12/27 - 7pm show (6pm call)**

**12/29 - 7pm show (6pm call)**