Hi everyone-

Please share this with others. I've been working with Jane Sorenson who is leading our youth programming efforts at Annual Meeting. Thank you Jane! 

I wanted to give everyone a few highlights:

* We'll have the youth room set up at the conference center Friday afternoon
* We're anticipating that youth will trickle in and we're hoping that everyone can plan to be there by 7:30 p.m. on Friday evening for the camp reports
* Jane has purchased meals and I have not- thus if your youth purchased meals they can eat with Jane. If your youth, hasn't, they can come with me to find a bite.
* We'll be sleeping on the floor at Sunnyslope UCC, we've gotten a room at the hotel in order to have access to showers
* We'll shuttle back and forth between the church and the convention center/hotel
* Please do plan to have your youth bring a towel and a bathing suit in case we swim at the hotel
* We'll provide breakfast and snacks for the weekend
* Youth should bring $$ for lunch and dinner or register for meals through the Annual Meeting registration site
* We're hoping to go bowling Friday evening; we'll pay
* We're hoping to attend the nearby Apple Blossom Carnival Saturday evening; we'll pay an amount tbd, youth may want to bring extra $$ beyond that
* We'll help arrange for carpools if we know youth need rides

We'll get a more definite schedule out shortly with details. In the meantime please let us know if you have any questions. Let us know too if you have youth attending. The more the merrier! Annual Meeting is going to be fun.


Susan Andresen
Minister of Youth 
Normandy Park Congregational UCC